2017 Zeeko Spitfire Canard Style Hydro Foil

Zeeko Spitfire Foil is a totally different style of hydrofoil

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What we think: This foil is really well made. The larger wing is in the rear similar to Canard airplane. This makes the turning feel pretty different than a standard foil. It has a really cool feel to it. Feels at home once locked into a wave. Feels similar to the high aspect race wings out there. This foil has been used twice as a demo and is in near perfect condition. The case it comes with is really nice and great for traveling. We have it paired with an older style MHL Lift Carbon board. The board is in good condition with some scratches in the clear coat from normal wear.  We put a FoilMount on this board to make it more versatile so it can accept multiple foils from various brands. 

ZEEKO’s R & D is proud to announce the release of the latest evolution of the ‘Alloy Series’ hydrofoil: The SPITFIRE.

A design revolution. The totally innovative geometry allows you to taste the joys of a hydrofoil with surfboarding feeling. Better curves control and carving potential beyond standard. Dedicated to wave riding and jumping.

Transport case included
The Spitfire is the fruit of years of R & D geared towards fun. After developing a range of freeride foil wings, we have created the Carver wings and with the Spitfire we took it to a higher level and made a total breakthrough in design.
Our goal was simple: introduce a foil with the best control in the curves and a carving potential beyond standard.

For that, it was necessary to find a geometry creating the same feeling as a surfboard, to have a foil that does not stall during hard turns. This development has brought additional characteristics: the foil is more docile during the falls, is faster in light winds, has an incredible upwind ability all this with wings 30% smaller.

What’s new:
- New innovative, efficient and safe design
- Extreme carving capacity
- Excellent upwind
- Hydrofoil dedicated to wave riding and jumping
- Feeling of carving similar to surfboard
- New fast mounting plate
foil-board connection screws are supplied with boards.

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