Slingshot Compstick Guardian Main Line (Center line) Depower Rope

Main Depower Rope for 2010-2017 Slingshot Compstick Bar w/ Guardian Replacement

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2010 Compstick
2011 Compstick
2012 Compstick
2013 Compstick
2014 Compstick

2015 Compstick

2016 Compstick w/ Guardian

2017 Compstick w/ Guardian

Repair Tips by Kiteboard Kit

How to Repair the Mainline on a Slingshot Control Bar

Does your Mainline look like this? Here is how to replace it.

Slingshot Mainline Center Line Rope Replacement


1. Wrap your lines around something like a chair to make sure lines do not tangle.

2. Undo the the quick release and release the small bungee inside. This will allow you to pull out the mainline and replace.

3. Cut out the old frayed mainline and unscrew the plastic depower handle and spherical stopper ball. Be sure not to loose any screws during the process.

Slingshot Mainline Center Line Rope Replacement


1. Once the mainline is free and all you are left with is the CSS saftey bungee line, you can take your replacement mainline and begin by seating it into the screw plate beneath the quick release.

2. Thread the line through the quick release box, then the control bar, then the oblong plastic threader, then the spherical stopper ball.

3. Now run the line past the swivel and back down to the quick release. When threading the mainline through any small opening, use a line of smaller diameter to thread like shown.

   Slingshot Mainline Center Line Rope Replacement     Slingshot Mainline Center Line Rope Replacement

      Slingshot Mainline Center Line Rope Replacement


Finally, re-install the depower handle and replace the quick release bungee. Now snap in place! You're done!

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