Liquid Force Element Carbon 139 Kiteboard

Very lightweight twin tip board, well known for its high pop and high speed. 

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What we think: Although this board was designed with an emphasis on freestyle, it is by no means exclusively for freestyle. The square outline design of this board also allows it be well suited for light winds. This board has state of the art pop ability and with excpetional edging capability, this board has a one-of-a-kind maneuverability. Whether you're looking to soar through the air or ride smoothly through the chop, this board is for you. 

Liquid Force Element Carbon 139: This board includes fins. The ultra lightweight Carbon Element utilizes a unique honeycomb top and bottom bi-axis carbon weave reducing the weight beyond standard carbon fiber board laminations. This construction combined with a shallow concaved center hull to a deep-channeled tip shape delivers the ultimate freestyle experience.


Liquid Force Solo Straps: One day you are in booties. The next you are barefoot!  The expansive, easy adjustment of the Solo strap will accommodate the smallest of feet to the largest!  Even with wetsuit booties!    Not to mention the affordable price and Status Chassis allowing a 6” to 7.5” spread for cross compatibility with all kiteboard brands. One size fits all. 

2015 Cabrinha H1 Standard Straps: The H1 is downright comfy. If you like something with a little less coverage on the top of your foot, then the H1 is good for you. If you want something that is a little more secure, then the H2 has more of a binding feel. The H1 is a one strap asymmetrical body shape which provides a positive fit for the rider looking for board control with ease of use. The H1 is supportive yet lightweight and flexible. The H1 can be used for all types of twin tip riding from freestyle to freeriding. The H1 attaches to the board with minimal effort and allows for multiple stance options with duck and heel toe offset options. It sits on a super cushy footpad with arch support, toe grips, and generous heel coverage.

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