2013 Liquid Force ENVY Kite

Brand NEW 2013 Liquid Force Envy Kite

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If you have been waiting to pounce on a rock bottom deal, wait no longer. The Envy is a solid kite and you can not beat this pricing. Grab them before you are gone. Throw in a complete board and harness and get a killer deal! Perfect way to fill in that small kite hole in your quiver.

Comes with Kite and Bag. If you add a Edge, you will received Liquid Force Fusion Straps with it.


The Envy is an all-terrain efficiency engine, offering highly versatile, easy-access performance whether you want to shred the surf, lock into boots for wakestyle, or go high-speed blasting around your local slick. Envy no one.


The first proven 3-strut kite design on the market, ENVY is stable, had a high-wind range, and lightweight due to reduced material in the 3-strut design. The lightest kite we have, and one of the lightest kites on the market today.


The Envy is the perfect choice for schools or beginner kiters because of it’s uncanny ability to stay in the sky – it’s a forgiving kite that lets kiters make mistakes without consequences in the air or on the board.


While the incredible lightweight and Ultra Stable Bridle System keep the ENVY stable, the delta hybrid design means it can turn as quickly as any kite on the market. The ENVY is a pivoting kite that turns on it’s wingtips.

Sizes : 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10.5 // 12 // 15




·                                 USB 3.1 – ULTRA STABLE EQUALIZING BRIDLE

·                                 EXO STRUT, ULTIMATE STRUCTURAL BONDING

·                                 UNIQUE LF DIAMOND WINGTIP DESIGN

·                                 DOUBLE LAYER LEADING EDGE CONSTRUCTION

·                                 TECHNOFORCE SUPERIOR MATERIAL TEIJIN RIPSTOP T9600

·                                 GLUED AND STITCHED PANEL ASSEMBLY

·                                 MAXFLOW INFLATION SYSTEM, INFLATE KITE 40% FASTER

·                                 CPR, 100% DEPOWER – CENTER LINE PUSH RELEASE





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2013 Liquid Force ENVY Kite

2013 Liquid Force ENVY Kite

Brand NEW 2013 Liquid Force Envy Kite

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