Cabrinha Switchblade Complete Kite Package

2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Complete Package with Bar and bag

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Kite Sizes Left: 7m, 8m (Only one left of each size so act now!)-Comes complete with bar/lines.


There is only one kite which has embodied the true spirit of kiteboarding for the last 8 years for its spot-on performance in such a wide range of conditions. The Switchblade humbly takes the title of the highest performance kite with the easiest handling. In 2014 the Switchblade gets an upgrade in handling with an all new bridling that provides an even more direct and precise steering. Changes in outline and profile ensure that the 2014 Switchblade delivers power on the low end and precise handling and control on the top end.

The shape of this model is somewhere in between the 2012 and 2013 Switchblade models. Like a Cabrinha, it flies extremely well in the window with silky smooth transitions. The bridles are pullied (one on each side) and give the rider a very direct feel. There has been a huge change in the control system this year for Cabrinha. They have moved from the IDS system to the 1x Overdrive. The new system has an adjustment feature on each side of the bar that allows for widening and narrowing of the steering lines. Adjust the bar on the fly from 49-57cm.

Complete Package Includes: Kite, Bar, Lines, Backpack


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