HQ Rush Pro V Relaunchable Kite

The new and improved Rush Pro Five Kite is in!  Toughest model yet!

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This new Rush Pro trainer kite is one of their toughest models yet.  The kite was tested flying it straight into the ground over and over to see how the kite would hold and it always bounced back up. 

This is what HQ had to say about the kite!

The new Rush Pro V trainer kites help you proceed to your next level quickly and safely, laying the foundation for all aspects of power kiting. Rush V Pro meets all the requirements of a real power kite with the traction applications it provides. A new internal chamber system makes it extremely robust. A 3rd line provides beginners the necessary safety and facilitates the reverse launch.

  • These are the characteristics of the new model:

New, extremely robust cell structure
3rd line for safety and reliable reverse launchand
Flying lines already attached to the kite
Reduced bridle for less drag
Good lightwind performance

You will love how well this kite performs in the light wind conditions and how well it can take a beating.

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