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Freeride/ Freestyle


Buy Valium Roche Uk

2019 Nobile NHP Women 135


The shape and sizes of this board are specifically tailored for the female kitesurfer, with the board’s construction and flex designed to distinct requirements based on feedback from our female riders. With our enhanced knowledge of flex engineering, this female model of the NHP is lighter compared to the standard model, while it has professionally adjusted offset straps and a flex that suits the lighter, subtler build of the female body perfectly.


The rocker size and the Asymmetrical Construction give the rider full control in all conditions. Our perfectly designed X-Reactive Flex combined with the rocker translates into a seriously comfortable ride that forgives mistakes.

Add Bindings

No Thanks, IFS Gen 2 S/M, IFS Gen2 L/XL

Add Check-In Bag

No Thanks, Check-in Bag

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