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Order Xanax From Mexico Online

Core Fusion 3


One board.

Maximum freedom.

The infinite variations of mobes, spins, and loops you’ve perfected have earned you our respect. For you, we built the Choice 3 with Cartan powered pop, mega channeled grip, and custom flex.

Or maybe, you’re new to freestyle. But you think you’ll like boots. You’d rather ride a board that’s just as much fun in straps as in boots. We made the Choice 3 for you too. Its new full-length deep Vee hull smoothes out nasty chop. And together with its optimized outline and mega channels, this comfortable allrounder rips upwind with reduced spray.

The Gen3 springs into action with its proven CNC milled Paulownia and Cartan carbon sandwich construction. Only now, the board is around 200g lighter. Our build method delivers outstanding flex properties; encouraging good freeride flex when gybing, controlling chop; and reducing bad flex (aka negative rocker)  when landing hard or freestyling.

Choice 3. More channels. Shiny (UV blocking!) new look. And love at first sight.


  • CARTAN CARBON: Proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex.
  • 3D WOOD CORE: Powered by a superlight CNC milled Paulownia wood core.
  • MULTI-CHANNELS: Superior grip and speed with deeper, full-length channels.
  • V-SHAPED KEEL: Amazingly smooth ride even in nasty chop.
  • PRO ROCKER: Custom board flex and curvature.
  • BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: Heavily reinforced boot-only inserts.
  • VARIO RAILS: Precise flex with progressive edge thicknesses.
  • DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE: Balancing flex and rigidity.
  • 42MM G10 PRO FINS: Optimized shape for the Choice 3.
  • Optional: UNION PRO 2 PADS & STRAPS: Customizability, comfort, and control.

133×43, 135×41, 137×41.5, 139×42, 141×42.5, 144×43.5, 147×45

Pad and Strap Option

No Thanks, Union Pro 2 (small), Union Pro 2 (Large), Union Comfort (one size fits all)

Buy Ambien Overnight Delivery

Core Kites