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Order Xanax From Mexico Online

Core Impact 2 Kite

Experience the ultimate unhooked machine. A legit wakestyle beast. A pure C with five lines. Its skinny ExoTex airframe, deep C canopy, increased trim options, and extra sizes fuel its explosive power. Yup, we’ve gone all out with this stunner by amping its speed and aspect ratios. Try one if you dare, and let us know the impact it makes on your riding.

With longer tips than the GTS4, the Impact 2 retains the classic C-Shape you demand. As such, expect a consistent, uniform pull for extreme pop, and perfectly predictable slack for all your rotations and passes- so you can focus on your moves and not the kite.


▪ DEEP C-SHAPE: Proven. Powerful. And pure C.
▪ CLASSIC C-TIPS: Consistent pull through every turn.
▪ 5 LINE SETUP: Includes „5th Line Set“, to convert any Sensor 2 / 2S bar system.
▪ EXOTEX® ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Zero stretch airframe.
▪ CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: Extreme durability and UV protection.
▪ SPEED VALVE 2: Quick, reduced effort inflation.
▪ SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: Super fast all strut inflation.
▪ 5 STRUT FRAME: Maximum stability and power.
▪ ACTIVE 5TH LINE SAFETY: Classic safety system re-invented.
▪ CUSTOM TRIM SYSTEM: Three backline adjustments and five(!) frontline
▪ RAPID RELAUNCH: Reliable waterstarts.
▪ SENSOR BAR READY: For maximum kite feedback and control pair this kite with
a Sensor 2 or 2S bar.


7m, 8m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m

Bar Option

Kite Only, CORE Sensor2S Bar (52cm/24m, Ceramic Bearing), CORE Sensor2S+ Bar (52cm/18-24m, Ceramic Bearing)

Buy Ambien Sleeping Tablets

Core Kites