GoFoil Kai 1.5 Front Wing w/ Cover

GoFoil Kai 1.5 Front Wing w/ Cover


The original surf wing design that started the revolution, the Classic! The Kai 120 provides the highest performance for surfing and aggressive turning with total control.

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GoFoil Kai 16 Back Wing

Improve your foiling performance with the GoFoil Kai Backwing!

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GoFoil 29.5" Plate Mast

A thicker, stronger mast for intermediate to advanced riders looking to get higher off the water to reduce ‘over foiling’. This mast offers a more responsive feeling.


  • Mast Length: 29.5″/75cm
  • Mast Thickness: 055”/14mm
  • Chord Length: 5.39”/137mm

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GoFoil Kai Front Wing w/ Cover

Wing Span: 24″