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Buy Lorazepam Europe

$699.00 $549.00

Board comes complete with litewave pads, fins and handle.

Order Xanax From Mexico Online

Included-  Board, Handle, Fins, Standard Pads/Straps (not the laceups pictured).

What we say:

The all new Litewave Wing is better than ever. Redesigned in an all new factory with tons of upgrades building off the older models which have been loved by all. The added CARBON really makes a difference in performance. This board will get you on the water when no else is but is still fun enough to play around with. We have been using this board for teaching for a couple years and it remains one of our favorites. Board comes complete with Litewave Straps/Pads, Fins and handle. This board has remained the same over the last few years. There are two color schemes. Please contact us if you are particular on the color scheme.

From the Litewave website…

The Litewave Wing has evolved into the ultimate light wind machine! Riding in ultra light wind has never been easier, even for the big guys. The tip-to-tip radical concave smooths out chop and makes for a very positive carving feeling. Tips are very thin and flexy with built-in torsion bars to maximize carving performance under load. This board is truly a “session saver”.

The Litewave Wing features wide tips and unique outline known as ‘parabolic sidecut’ enable planing and rocket you upwind. The wider tips give an unbelievable “load and pop” even in light condition. This board feels like snowboarding in bottomless powder. Our quality wood core and composite construction enhance riding properties as well as ensuring that your board will last for years to come.

  • Light, strong, affordable
  • Wing Rocker
  • G10 Epoxy Fins
  • Engineered flex with 3D torsion-bar tips
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Sizes Available:  155×44 and 165×4

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 4 x 65 in


Buy Lorazepam Europe