NPX Ladies Vamp 2/2 Shorty

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NPX Ladies Vamp 2/2 Shorty

NPX Ladies VAMP 2/2 Shorty Suit

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Vamp comes full spec’d to get you pumping further and faster, for longer. Recite the Vamp mantra: Comfort without constriction, Freedom without fatigue, Insulation without incapacitation, And killer looks. You won’t want to take it off.


Flatlock Seams: A strong durable self-locking stitch that is comfortable against the skin. The flatlock seam is water permeable implying the technique is generally used in warm water suits and tops.

Elastic key loop on inside back panel: Elastic loop to secure your keys inside the wetsuit.

Velcro attachment for zipper pull: To avoid zip pull from flapping while riding.


Apex-Mesh: Top-performance, super-flexible and lightweight closed-cell neoprene. Superb insulation properties, soft and with an embossed micro-texture for added durability.

Apex-Flex: Top-of-the-line double-laminated material. Super stretch and lightweight with an abrasion resistant, outer and a four-way stretch inner.

Dura-Flex: Durable ‘double-lined’ neoprene, with a resilient, water-repellant nylon outer fabric, a stretch inner inner lining and a soft handfeel.

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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 14 × 10 in



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