Ocean Rodeo Origin Lite 159×47 Complete

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Ocean Rodeo Origin Lite 159×47 Complete


The ticket to lightwind sessions!

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Includes    159x47cm Ocean Rodeo Origin LITE with matching fins and handle. Complete with Ocean Rodeo Straps (Adjustable)


The Ocean Rodeo Origin Lite is a lightwind board with heelside fin positioning for hammering upwind. Absolutely flat rocker lines make planing easy. Don’t get stuck downwind. The OR light has an excellent construction with bowed out tip and tail that keeps you on the right side of the waters edge.

Ocean Rodeo Says – “At 159cm x 45cm the Origin Lite offers plenty of surface area to glide through the lightest of lulls and its soft tip and tail keep the board nimble and fun to ride while minimizing facial spray so often problematic with other lightwind boards. Centerline offset toeside fins pull the board to windward while making heel to toe carves a breeze.”

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 65 × 19 in


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