FLIP Phonemount and Bluetooth Remote for Spivo Stick

FLIP Phonemount and Bluetooth Remote for Spivo Stick


Allows attachment of smartphones to the Spivo Stick 360. The bluetooth remote lets you control your phones camera.

Spivo Stick not included*

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Spivo 360 Rotating Swivel Selfie Stick (Pole) for GoPro or Phone

Robust and refined, the Spivo 360’s new design features a stainless steel bearing which ensures you can consistently create smooth pictures and videos.

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Spivo Buoy Flotation Device

Don't lose that new spivo and your camera in the water with this specifically designed flotation device!

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Spivo Stick not included*

Spivo FLIP Phonemount and Bluetooth Remote

Be ready to capture every adventure

Required to mount any smartphone to your Spivo 360. Take pictures or videos horizontally or vertically, and control your phone's camera with the bluetooth remote. Choose either orientation by rotating your phone and securely locking it in place.

Compatible with any size smartphone.

Bluetooth remote works with Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live (iOS and Android Compatible, not water proof).