New 2021 Armstrong A+ Foil Information (Ultimate Guide)

The new A+ System from Armstrong has received a lot of attention lately. People are asking a lot of questions like:

  • What is the difference with the A+ System?
  • Can I convert my current Armstrong Foil to the A+ System?
  • Is it worth to upgrade to the A+?
  • How is the new HA1125 High Aspect wing?
  • What’s different with the new FV200 Flying V Tail wing?

So we figured we’d break this down for you in one place. We have been riding the Armstrong gear for sometime now and really come to love the product for many reasons. The build quality is unbeatable and the performance is amazing.

-What is the difference between the Armstrong A+ System and the original foil system?

The main answer is the fuselage is really what is considered the “A+ System”.  The new fuse is still available in 3 sizes (TC50A, TC60A, and TC70A). It has changed in two key ways. The first is the increased number of holes. These extra holes allow for the use of barrel nuts (through bolts) to add extra stability and longevity to the connections of both the mast and the front wing. These through bolts hold everything tighter to reduce any play in the wing or mast. This is very important especially for the longer wings such as the new HA1125 and HS1850 since they have a lot of torque. The second big difference is in the area where the tail wing attaches. It no longer requires the use of a titanium shim for the angle of the tail wing. It comes stock at 0 degrees without the use of any shims. The fuse (or kits) should include a couple polycarbonate shims in .5 degree and 1 degree increments that can be used if desired. These are much cheaper and easier to use than the previous $69 titanium shims of the original version.

When it comes to the rest of the kit, the products are the same but just have been modified to fit the A+ system. This means the front wings will have an extra beveled hole drilled on the top of them. This extra hole allows the use of the barrel nut and can actually be used on the standard fuse as well! The masts will also have extra holes that allow the barrel nut and bolt to go through. This is where the old fuse is lacking as the you will not be able to use these new holes on the old fuse. You can use the new or modified mast on the old fuse, BUT there will not be a through-bolt and you will just have an empty exposed hole on each side of the mast. The new bolt that threads into the barrel nut is slightly longer than the normal bolts that have attached the wings and mast in the past.

-Can I convert my current system to the new A+ system?

Short answer is yes you can with everything but the Fuselage. This will need to be replaced with the A+ fuse. You can purchase a A+ Conversion Kit that will provide the tools to convert the front wings and masts. It also includes a couple of the barrel nuts with bolts. There is no need to do anything different with the tail wings. The HS232 V2, CF300 V2 and FV200 wing tails work the same way as the original tail wings so there is no really difference in the way they connect. Therefore you can use the old tail wings on the A+ system and the new tail wings on the old system. There are some great videos by Armie on how to modify your existing wings and masts. We have included them below so feel free to check them out and purchase your conversion kit here.

People have asked if they could convert their old fuselages. Armstrong is not suggesting this and we probably wouldn’t recommend it. The core of these is titanium and that’s not the easiest thing to drill and tap. You probably bring it to machine shop or something but most likely not worth it. You still would not have the change in the tail wing connection that eliminates the use of the titanium shims.

-Is it worth it to upgrade my current Armstrong system to the A+ system?

We would say probably! If you have any play in your wings or fuse connection, then I would absolutely recommend it. If you are using the HA1125 then definitely. If you are using any of the larger wings then it’s a really good idea. The added stability will really affect the performance more than you expect. Some people keep their foils for a long time and use them often. The little micro movements will slowly wear the components and create play in between. This new system helps avoid that and will allow you to use your gear longer. If you have a really tight connection in your front wing and mast, and really only use the smaller wings…then you may be fine keeping what you already have. The reality is, Armstrong has made a great product and there was nothing really wrong with the old stuff. This is just increases longevity and performance that will help you grow. The more advanced of a rider you are, the more you will appreciate the added stability the A+ system provides.

-How is the new HA1125 High Aspect wing?

As far as high aspect wings go…they nailed it! This wing feels great for glide and pumping. It is amazing how easy it is to pump and the speed it can carry. It turns surprisingly well for a high aspect wing. Now like most high aspect wings, it will drop you instantly if you get too slow or find the wrong angle of attack. It does take some getting used to when compared to all the other wings Armstrong makes. The pumping motion is very different than their HS or CF wings. You need to remain level and go with short softer pumps to find the rhythm. Once you dial it in, you can pump for unreal distances.

– What’s different with the new FV200 Flying V Tail wing?

The new Flying V is getting rave reviews. Most people seem to like it better than the other wings. It is very similar looseness to the chopped HS232 which will then become a 212. The Flying V200 wing is fast and loose. My personal opinon is that gives a little extra kick when pumping. It almost seems to flex and recoil to give you the extra boost. It seems to be preferred with the winglets cut off from what most riders are saying. There are lots of tail options since you can cut each one making it at least 6 different feels. You may find you prefer to have multiple tail wings (stabs) for different conditions.

Written by Billy Bosch

The new A+System has been developed by Armie to handle the new generation of mid to high aspect foil wings, which produce high torsional leverage forces.


The new system locks the mast and wings to the A+System TC Fuselage while maintaining our unique flex characteristics. The flex you can feel in the system comes from the carbon/titanium fuselage itself and our tapered Reactive Flex Mast construction, which is at the heart of the smooth flowing Armstrong feeling.


The new A+System has been developed by Armie to handle the new generation of mid to high aspect wings, which produce massive torsional leverage forces. To improve durability, longevity and performance the A+System has full width Titanium Barrel Nuts across both mast and front wing connections to lock them in position. The tail wing connection has been simplified, streamlined and strengthened and now incorporates a simple polycarbonate shim system.

The A+System TC Fuselage is the heart of the updated kit. We have added threaded screw inserts for the new Titanium Barrel Nuts and the tail area is updated so that the tail wing now fits directly to the fuselage. A+System front foils and masts have an extra hole to accommodate the new Titanium Barrel Nuts. The screw set is updated with slightly longer screws and Titanium Barrel Nuts

All current HS and CF front wings, tails, fuselages and masts are compatible with the new A+System parts. Front wings and masts can be upgraded with our drilling jig kit to accept additional Barrel Nut connections. ALL current TC fuselages will accept the Barrel Nut on the front wing but not on the mast as it passes through the titanium core so it is not possible to retro drill and tap this.

Yes – And you will be able to use the new Barrel Nut system on the front wing with your current fuselage.

Yes, but it will not affect riding performance. The A+ system mast has an extra screw hole for A+ system screw and Barrel Nut, which is factory threaded through the Titanium Core of the TC fuselage.

Yes, with the drilling kit it’s possible to retrofit both mast and front wings to take advantage of the A+System’s full potential.

Yes, all current tail wings will fit the A+System fuselage directly without the need for the TTF and they are compatible with the new Polycarbonate Pro Shims. The new A+System tail wings are more streamlined at the connection area, for improved performance

We have simplified the tail connection area so that for most riders the tail can be directly attached to the fuselage with no shim. For more advanced riders wanting faster, looser setups we have new low profile Polycarbonate Pro Shims, which allow more than 5 angle settings at 0.5 degree increments.

Yes, providing you purchase the drilling kit and use the jig and parts supplied. If for some very unlikely reason a part needs to be warrantied, we will expect to see proof of purchase of the A+System drilling kit.