The Cabrinha Switchblade continues to be the top selling kite in the industry with its amazing range and performance. Cabrinha continues to make quality kiteboarding gear on the higher end of the spectrum. The prices may be high but so is the product. The attention to detail on the boards is hands down uncomparable over any other brand. The Switchblade continues to be the work horse of the kite lineup by Cabrinha. It is a great kite for riders of every level. A beginner can jump on it with no problem. The relaunch is simple. The power is constant. The range and depower is great. The safety of the quick releases is phenominal. An advanced rider can jump on the switchblade and feel right at home. The power is there when need and it boosts to the moon. There is not a lot of bad things to be said about the kite. The only downside one can notice would be the speed of the kites is not super quick. You will almost always sacrifice speed when it comes to power. Overall this kite rocks and is a great go to! Cabrinha has been perfecting this gem for over 10 years now.