2020 Cabrinha X-Caliber Wood Twin Tip

2020 Cabrinha X-Caliber Wood Twin Tip

$659.00 $527.20

133 x 40, 135 x 41, 138 x 42, 141 x 43


2020 Cabrinha H1 Footstraps Small

Small < 9 US / < 41 EURO
Standard 9-12 US / 42-47 EURO

2020 Cabrinha H1 Footstraps STD Large

Standard 9-12 US / 42-47 EURO


A Paulownia wood freestyle design with a dampened ride.
Intermediate to advanced riders looking for a freestyle model that can perform in varied water conditions. Nothing beats the feel of a natural wood
core when it comes to a high performance dampened ride. The X Caliber wood shares the same shape as its carbon
•Optimal construction for specific flex characteristics and unparalleled durability
• Tough, lightweight & responsive
• Predictable pop & low spin weight
• Early planing lift & reliable edge hold
• Maximum upwind drive
• Double Concave in center for smooth landings
• Quad Channels in the tips for grip when loading off back foot counterpart but has a completely different
ride, especially in less than perfect water conditions. The wood construction absorbs the chop like no other giving you a softer ride and the ability to edge when the going gets tough. Better edging leads to better pop. And in freestyle, pop is everything.
Included with the board:
4x 40mm fins, 4x washers,
10x 6x16mm screws, grab handle



Cabrinha leads the industry in safety and performance. Since 2000, Cabrinha, a subsidiary of the Pryde Group, has climbed the ranks to take the position as the leading kitesurfing brand, selling in over 40 countries worldwide. Inspired and driven by Maui-based waterman, Pete Cabrinha, the company produces everything from kites to boards to accessories and sponsors the top athletes in the sport. The Cabrinha approach to kiteboarding has evolved very much from the same philosophy that Pete has applied to his many years of surfing. By keeping an open mind to all styles of riding and embracing new technologies, Cabrinha has been able to lead kitesurfing into a new era of performance.

133, 135, 138, 141

2020 Cabrinha X-Caliber Wood2020 Cabrinha X-Caliber Wood