2023 North Cross Freeride Surf

2023 North Cross Freeride Surf

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Your one-board quiver. Light and fast with an immediate edgy and responsive feel, the Cross lets you drive effortlessly upwind, carve a tight turn or smack the lip. It delivers a fun, forgiving ride with plenty of speed. The Cross is your everyday go-to. It helps you execute moves like a pro, in every condition. For 2023 we’ve engineered the Cross in our new durable EcoLite Impact Resistant Bamboo construction. The Cross has an all-new surf outline with reduced nose and tail width, which provides a better wave fit for easier, sharper turns and improved control at the top end. We’ve refined the shape with a low-entry rocker to aid acceleration and drive. More forgiving rounded surf rails provide a responsive feel with locked-in grip. Instantly familiar, intuitive and easy to ride, this smooth carving and super comfortable all-round freeride board blends the line effortlessly between surf, freeride and strapless freestyle. Item Includes: Board with EVA Deckpad


  • Effortlessly blends surf with freeride and strapless freestyle
  • Improved comfort and stability
  • Finer and rounded surf rails
  • Lower surf-style rocker
  • Forgiving deep-v channel and Quad tail channels
  • Lightweight and durable strength and stiffness
  • Fast responsive feedback
  • Optional thruster or quad mode
  • North Hexcel Coremat Fins (3 fin set) sold separately


  • EcoLite Impact Resistant Bamboo Construction

NEW Compact Surf Outline

Trimmed nose shape reduces length and weight. Reduced nose and tail width adds control at the top end and creates a better wave-fit for easier, sharper turns. The narrower, rounded pin-tail reduces the tail area behind the fins and makes the board more responsive off the back foot.
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NEW EcoLite Construction

New EcoLite Impact Resistant Bamboo Construction – the lightest way to make the strongest board. Lightweight and durable strength and stiffness with fast feedback.
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NEW full-length bottom channel with deeper-V

Grips when you want it to, releases when you don’t. For 2023 we’ve refined the bottom shape, making the centre channels deeper and the outside channels more subtle. This gives the rider more control of the board and improves traction when you’re going fast. It also gives you confidence to go harder, because it doesn’t max-out at speed, and rides smoothly out of critical landings and turns.

NEW low-entry surf rocker

For fast acceleration, speed and drive. The low-entry surf rocker combines with generous width and volume, making the board easy to ride with great upwind ability for getting back to the take-off zone.

NEW rounded, low-profile surf rails

Smoother performing, more forgiving rounded surf rails provide a more responsive feel, with an edgy and immediate rail-grip.

NEW thruster or quad fin mode

The new inserts allow you to run a quad setup, traditionally used for more grip on the rails in bigger waves. For a more vertical attack, we recommend the classic North Hexcel Coremat fins, lightweight and durable fibreglass thruster surf fins for smooth control and traction. Our custom fin base shape does not require FCSII infills. Fins are sold separately.

FCSII premium fin box

The lightweight premium fin box allows for 9-degree rake. Compatible with both FCSI and click-in keyless FCSII fins for more speed & drive, quicker acceleration, and more response from your board. High-density foam reinforcements surrounding the FCSII fin box are shaped to match the curved template of the finbox for a clean bond and smoother load transfer into the board.

No-slip deck grip with toe bump and rear wedge kicker

Micro-corduroy textured one-piece EVA deckpad with intuitive front toe bump and rear wedge kick for maximum traction and control.

Foot strap insert options

For when conditions get challenging, locking the rider into a comfortable stance for control in high winds or large waves. Experience instant-planing in full comfort with our lightweight memory foam surf straps, featuring our unique pre-tensioned and laminated seamless KnitFlex inners. The Free Straps allow you to customise your fit and stance, giving you freedom to move and shred in any conditions. Straps sold separately.

Honeycomb mesh packaging

We’ve removed all plastic from our surfboard packaging, replacing it with a unique cushioning material that mimics honeycomb. Strategically cut to allow the card to stretch into many different hexagons, this flexible material creates a lightweight protective layer of ‘honeycomb’ mesh. The mesh behaves like a spring to absorb impact and protect the board from abrasion. 

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5'1, 5'3, 5'5


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