Liquid Force Nova Kiteboard

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Liquid Force Nova Kiteboard

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Liquid Force Nova Kiteboard

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2012 Liquid Force Nova Kiteboard
Your search is over for the ultimate freestyle machine

A slightly lower rocker combined with smooth continuous flex, a single to double concave base contour and subtle outline make the Nova the choice of top freestyle riders and competitors around the world.

The Ingredients in the Nova make this board rocket up wind and give a lively direct feel and response making for precise board control.

Board highlights: medium flex, low rocker, single to double base contour, wood / composite tuned core, liquid rails, sublimated nylon graphics.

2012 Liquid Force Boards - Construction Details

Liquid Rail, Elastomeric Sidewall:
This exclusive feature is the strongest and most durable rail on the market.The Liquid Rail creates a solid unity of the board’s top and bottom sheets that withstand hard impacts protecting the board.

Bottom Contour Shape:
Every Liquid Force kiteboard uses unique bottom contours to assist in up wind performance, to water release for hard pop and soft landings

Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core:
Another new technology advancement for 2011 is the addition of our combination  Wood/PVC foam core. The wood gives our boards the most lively flex of any boards on the market while the foam keeps the weight to a minimum, providing the best ride money can buy!

Molded cores:
(in some models) For the best strength to weight ratio at an affordable price.

Deck contour:
Precisely designed contours for added flex tuning in torsional rigidity and tip to tail flex pattern.

Grind base:
Exclusive to Liquid Force kiteboards is the new Grind base. This base will withstand the greatest abuse from rocky launches, rails and sliders to throwing the board in the back of thetruck.

Metric insert:
Ultra light M6 metric inserts at a 6” spread.

Unidirectional fiberglass:
Unidirectional fiberglass layer allowing for smooth flex and unsurpassed durability.

Triax weave cloth:
Triax weave cloth that gives the best durability with out soaking up excess resins decreasing weight and creating a lively feel.

UV Resistant
UV resistant sublimated graphic tops sheets radiating vibrant color.

Riding Style:

Freestyle / Wakestyle / Jumping


Skill Level:
Intermediate / Advanced

Liquid Force Nova 2012 Kiteboard – Length / Width:
  • Liquid Force Nova 2012 – 133 x 41.0cm
  • Liquid Force Nova 2012 – 136 x 41.5cm
  • Liquid Force Nova 2012 – 139 x 42.0cm

Liquid Force Nova 2012 Key Features:
  • Liquid Rail, Urethane Rail
  • Bottom Contour Shape
  • Double Concave to Double Channel Bottom Contours
  • Custom Slot Tip/Tail Design
  • Liquid Rail Sidewall Construction
  • Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core
  • LF Competition Flex Profile
  • Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours
  • Top and Bottom Graphic Treatments

Comes with:

Liquid Force Fins


Option to add:

2012 Slingshot Bolt-On 3 Foot Binding

2012 Slingshot BOLT–ON 3’s are designed to increase comfort, convenience and maximize performance with effortless installation in mind. The “NEW” Velcro locking adjustment strap uniquely designed to fit directly to the pad’s super structure and then mounts directly onto the board for the most complete lock down and non-slip performance. The BOLT-ON 3 is stock with all 2012 Slingshot boards but mounts seamlessly to a traditional insert pack as well. Performance and Support all in one package!


  • Single Velcro locking Straps.
  • Super Structure dual density Pads.
  • 4 interface pins and stainless steel fastrack hardware.
  • Lifetime Rider Service Hotline Support.
  • Comes stock on all Slingshot twin tip boards except the Darkside

Features and Advantages:

  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING SYSTEM = Designed for quick and easy install
  • “NEW” VELCRO 2 STEP STRAP SYSTEM = Easy quick strap adjustments and solid lock down support for even the hardest landings. Ultimate comfort with rock solid board control performance
  • DELUXE NEOPRENE STRAP PAD = Maximum comfort and support with excellent hold down performance
  • DUAL DENSITY FOAM = Plush comfort, true performance and unmatched support
  • INNOVATIVE BOLT-ON MOUNTING SYSTEM = Quick and easy installation. Universal placement.
  • THERMOFORMED HALF CAB HEEL = Contoured Design and textured with Anti-Slip Grip to increase foot bed traction
  • MULTIPLE MOUNTING POSITIONS = riders can now adjust their stance and duck like never before
  • INTEGRATED BASE SUPER STRUCTURE = Superior durability, pre-curved comfort and installation has never been easier
  • SLINGSHOT LEGENDARY CONSTRUCTION = top of the line construction to ensure long lasting durabily and performance






LF Tech Minute – 2012 Nova from Liquid Force Board Tech on Vimeo.

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