2015 Axis Liberty 150x44cm Complete


2015 Axis Liberty 150x44cm Complete

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The 2015 Liberty is the beginner to intermediate riders dream!

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Board Includes

Axis matching Straps and Pads

G10 4 x 50mm Matching Fins

Axis soft handle


The 2015 Liberty is a great option for someone looking to get into kiting and get a solid freeride board under their feet. The graphics for 2015 have an artistic flare. When you are not shredding on this twin-tip, hang it up on your wall! The Fiberglass and paulownia wood core give a flexible feel. Sturdy construction and light-weight straps and pads add to the appeal of the Liberty. Axis makes seamless products. Thought has gone into the construction of the 2015 Axis line, from the artist’s touch to the measured out length of the grab handle which matches the average grip width of the human hand.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 4 × 17 in


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