2019 Ion Gear bag 2/4 Golf 165

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2019 Ion Gear bag 2/4 Golf 165


Sizes: 165
Max. Board Size: 165×48 cm
Bag Outside: 168x50x40 cm
Weight: 7.89 lbs

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2019 Ion Gear bag 2/4 Golf 165 Looking for the most comfortable way to travel? This top loader bag will blow you away! Featuring heavy-duty wheels and ION’s Connective_Handle, you can connect the Gearbag TEC to your personal or airport trolley. Now you can cruise calmly and effortlessly to the check in counter. Besides, the Sherpa_Belt ensures that you always have one hand free for “the important things”. Dura_Tec protection and Bag_Breeze 2.0 keep your gear protected and ventilated throughout your travels and make sure all your stuff arrives safe and sound.

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