2019 Slingshot Mixer 5’6″ Kitesurf Board


2019 Slingshot Mixer 5’6″ Kitesurf Board

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Great all around kitesurf board

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Available Sizes: 5’6”, 5’8”, 5’10”


Hi, I’m a kiter, and I have a problem. My wave addiction has taken over my life, and my only solution is the Slingshot Mixer – the epitome of what a kitesurfing board should be. A high-performance surfboard designed for almost any wave conditions, from mushy waves to big ocean swells, the Mixer shakes out to be one of the best rides you can find (ha ha, see what I did there?). A quad fin setup allows for plenty of play on the back end. Long story short, you can’t beat some top-shelf stuff with this board. Your choice for blending groverler and down the line conditions into a super fun day. It’s like a mix of your two favorite cocktails. The best parts and pieces from all the Slingshot boards, shaken together with resin. The Mixer can be used in small mushy waves, riding down the line and larger ocean swells. High-performance, quad-fin carver features a double-wing rounded pin tail and quad-concave bottom. Designed to bridge the gap between the classic short board feel and versatility of the Celero and the high-speed, down-the-line performance of the Tyrant. Slash to your heart’s content with the Mixer’s quad-fin configuration and tail profile, which favors a more slashy back foot feel than a locked-in carve. The aggressive quad concave bottom profile helps channel water for speed and an early plane and provides grip and a locked-in feeling when laying into turns at speed. Large carbon stringer patches on the top and bottom give the board strength where it’s needed while keeping overall weight down. Additional carbon on the tail prevents edge cracking from heel impact.


  • Hybrid high performance short board feel
  • Quad fin and tail shape yield strong back foot performance
  • Quad concave bottom provides grip on rail and locked in turns
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability


Durable Slingshot Construction Rugged EPS Core, reinforce glass, carbon integration and high end bamboo laminate make this build Diamond Grip Deckpad Refined deck pad provides just the right amount of grip and comfort Carbon Stringers & Patches Lightest way to prevent edge cracking & heel denting FCS II Fins Keyless fins click in/out easily with no tools required Quad Fin Configuration Provides locked in grip and control


Length: 5’6″, 5’8″, 5’10” Width: 19″, 19″, 19.5″ Thickness: 2 2/5″, 2 1/3″, 2.5″ Volume: 23.75 L, 26 L, 32.4 L Rider Wt.: 100 – 155 lbs., 120 – 185 lbs., 145 – 205 lbs. Board Wt.: 7.3 lbs., 7.8 lbs., 32.4 L Fins: 4 x 4.75″ (12.08 cm) Reactor FCII Tri-Fin Set-Up, 4 x 4.75″ (12.08 cm) Reactor FCII Tri-Fin Set-Up, 4 x 4.75″ (12.08 cm) Reactor FCII Tri-Fin Set-Up

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