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Size: L | Standard Mast Size: 55 cm | Aspect Ratio: 3.54 | Wingspan: 26.1″/66.2 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1,236 cm2

Only 1 left in stock

2019 Thrust Surf Foil Abracadabra

Surf/Downwind Foiling

Those SUPers or surfers that dabble in other sports will find a solid multi-sport solution in this setup as well. Performing well in low wind and lower speeds, this ultra-stable setup is good for beginner-to-intermediate kite foiling and other low speed foiling.

The new Abracadabra quick plate connection makes it quick and effortless to detach and store your board and foil separately. One screw is all it takes to quickly and easily disconnect the entire foil system from your board, while the bottom of the plate can remain in place. Just a few turns of a #3 Phillips head screwdriver yields a secure and tight connection between foil and board. The Abracadabra quick plate is available in the complete set or as an aftermarket item for any current and previous Naish aluminum masts and is also offered as an accessory for the carbon mast.

Buy Xanax 1Mg Online


Naish Kites offer the Sigma Series! Naish have been at the forefront of the kiteboarding industry since the very beginning. A few years ago the bow kite took the kiting world by storm and Naish have developed this concept even further. Naish Introduced the Sigma Series!