Ocean Rodeo Mako Twin Tip Deck and Fins ONLY

Ocean Rodeo Mako Twin Tip Deck and Fins ONLY


Lighter and more responsive, the classic Mako shape remains!

After 17 years in the Ocean Rodeo board line-up, we thought the time was right to revisit the classic Mako. Was it possible to improve upon this legendary board? Over the last 12 months the Mako went in for a full check up!

Sizes: 135 / 140 / 150 / 165 

**Board comes with fins. Pads, straps, and handle sold separately here.**

Ocean Rodeo 3.0 Bliss Pads and Straps

Highly adjustable, the Bliss pads & straps are designed to work with all Ocean Rodeo and most other brand’s twin tip kiteboards.

Flysurfer Squad Grab Handle

Handle for all FLYSURFER kiteboards. These are also compatible with the Ocean Rodeo Mako's!


The OR R&D team decided to give Mako a complete physical and try something new. They tested the Mako shape in multiple 4-fin setups and found the board lost its playful nimble feel and became slower. New tail shape profiles were developed and tested, all of which of which gave no new benefit. They even built prototypes with thick profiled tuck-shaped surf rails. No go!

The reality was that all these modifications seemed to have a negative effect when we tested these “new Makos” against the original shape, taking away from the balanced, lively, hard-carving, chop-eating, grin-inducing ride that has made the Mako an industry legend.

However, there was one upgrade that did make a positive difference. Make it lighter. Make the flex more “crisp”. We lowered the board weight by swapping in a new mineral-based composite to replace the classic S-glass. Now lighter, the Mako has found a new flex and liveliness that will be noticed and enjoyed by even the most diehard Mako devotee.

As always, the Mako line-up offers freeride enthusiasts of all backgrounds a board suited to their riding style and size, while the wood core ensures your board will survive the rough and tumble ‘No Excuses’ coastal conditions that it is built to perform in.




Built for ‘real world’ conditions, the Mako excels where all other conventional twin tips fail. Short-fetch chop, rolling ocean waves, inside shore breaks, the Mako smoothly traverses it all and delights in setting the rail hard for a high G force carve to reverse direction for another tack.

What’s the secret? The deepest rail-to-rail concave of any twin tip ever produced combined with rounded tips, down-turned rails and a perfectly tuned rocker line. The Mako delivers a powerful fluid carving experience and a dependable rail for stratospheric boosting.


When you only have one fin at each end, they had better be good!

Rugged, stiff, and beautifully foiled, these G10 composite Z-55 fins deliver the extra grip needed when you push the Mako to the max!


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135×37 (Deck + Fins), 140×40 (Deck + Fins), 150×40 (Deck + Fins), 165×45 (Deck + Fins)


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