2020 Slingshot Crisis Twintip Kiteboard


2020 Slingshot Crisis Twintip Kiteboard

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Package Includes
  • Board
  • Four 2″ fins
  • Handle

Slingshot Dually V5 Kiteboard Bindings

The Dually is quickly becoming known as one of the most comfortable and supportive footsteps on the market. With an ergonomic triple density EVA footbed, this system will make any landing feel soft and buttery. With a proven 4 point adjustment strap, you can easily customize the size and position of the Dually closure to ensure the best fit for you.

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Great bang for the buck!! These board were labeled “B-grade” by Slingshot which means there is a small little flaw in the graphic. It will no way affect performance and usually we can’t even locate it. Contact us with any questions. 

2020 Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard

The Crisis signifies rider simplicity at its finest.  With its long slender profile, flat rocker line, and mellow single concave, the Crisis is the perfect board for beginner to intermediate kiteboarders looking for the maximum riding comfort.  The Crisis carries riders upwind and gives them the confidence to progress their riding to the next level.  Its full atomic wood core and single-shot fusion sidewall make it a super durable option ready for anything that you can throw at it. Why You’ll Love the Crisis
  • Single Concave Hull provides smooth tracking and effortless upwind performance
  • No frills, times tested, proven twin shape, the Crisis is for all sessions all condition versatility
  • Thinner core created the most flexible, forgiving, and comfortable rider in our range.
  • Package Includes:  Crisis board, 4 x 2″ G10 fins, New grab handle
  • Single Concave Hull:  This time tested bottom contour provides friendly tracking and great upwind performance.  This ideal blend is perfect for beginner to advanced riders alike who are looking for a predictable and versatile shape.
  • Atomic Wood Core:  Sustainably grown Paulownia gives the lively, springy character that Singleshot board is famous for Vertically laminated construction harness the collective strength of wood’s grain and provides strength, durability and consistent flex over the life of the board.
  • Slingshot Fusion Sidewalls:  We’ve transferred the same technology found in high durometer urethane skateboard wheels into the rail of all our boards.  Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the board cores in one single shot, producing unrivaled dampening and durability.
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts:  Light, flexible and super strong, our inserts are reinforced with carbon fiber before being inlaid into the board.  Reduces overall board weight, increases pull strength and allows for a more consistent flex underfoot.
  • Dura-Light Base:  The 2mm base material is the ideal strength to weight ratio.  Lightweight performance in a strong and durable package.
  • New Grab Handle 

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