2022 Freedom FTW Pro Foilboard

The FTW PRO is a board built to suit the most progressive foiling styles to date. Whether it's airs or whitewater carves, every angle and corner of this board has been purposefully designed allowing for the connect and release style that Brian is known to Foil The World with!


  • Sharp Edge
  • Flat Bottom
  • Step Tail
  • Forward Volume
  • Proprietary FFB 10.75" Mounting Tracks
  • Pressure Relief Air Vent
  • Leash Plug - Rear Deck Placement to Prevent Tangles
  • Deck Pad
  • Foot Strap Inserts
    • Flat Bottom

      Designed to connect and reflect

    • Forward Volume

      Assists with take offs and landings

    • Sharp Edge

      Designed for controlled connections

    • Foot Strap Inserts

      Pair with our Ultra-light FREEDOM EVA Foot Strap Set

    • Air Vent

      Pressure Relief Valve

    • 10.75” FFB Tracks

      Proprietary FFB Technology

    • Step Tail

      Avoid and reflect water

  • Length (ft/in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Volume (L)
    4'2" 19.0" 2.6" 30.0L
    4'5" 19.25" 2.7" 33.5L


Freedom Foil

Freedom Foil Boards are some of the premier foil boards out there. Designed for prone and sup foil surfing. The unique bottom shape and light weight construction really makes the FFB brand stands.

Freedom Foil Boards

4'2, 4'5