2018 Nobile Super Bee Wakeboard 145

2018 Nobile Super Bee Wakeboard 145

$689.50 $339.00

  • 3 Stage Rocker
  • Elyptical concave
  • Wide channels on Tip and Tail

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Size table

Length (mm)Width (mm)Suggested rider weight (kg)Stance (mm)Rocker (mm)
139043055-80535.4 – 685.471
142044065-90549.4 – 699.477
145044575-100563.4 – 713.481
148044585-110577.4 – 727.485

NOBILE WAKE: Kuba Zalejsky from NOBILE SPORTS on Vimeo.




Built for rails and kickers. Thanks to this model, just like a busy bee, you will get down to inventing and building your craziest curves. According to the “less is more” rule, in this model we have introduced the big concave which smoothly comes into channel on tips, which will make you feel the pure force of 3-stage rocker. Super Bee is a perfect choice for semi-advanced riders who want to bring their presses into the next level. Prepare for busy season and join our ranks of Super Bees!