2024 North Vert Performance Prone Foil Board

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2024 North Vert Performance Prone Foil Board

The Vert is a fast and intuitive dedicated prone board for progressive foil surfers.

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The Vert is a fast and intuitive dedicated prone board for progressive foil surfers. The lightweight carbon construction makes pumping more efficient and gives the board a lively, dynamic feel. The flatter profile and balanced volume distribution makes it easier to paddle into waves, while the pulled-in tail and slender teardrop outline gives you more control and allows you to lean into tighter turns without catching the rail


  • Fast and intuitive dedicated prone board
  • Light and efficient for extended pumping with smaller foils
  • Slender teardrop shape for tighter carves
  • Grabbable rails and balanced volume distribution
  • Strong full carbon shell with structural reinforcement
  • Comfortable max-traction deckpad – no strap inserts
  • Also for wake foiling and tow-in foiling (big waves)


Carbon Technology


  • Board with EVA Deckpad and Leash Plug
  • DropBox Screw Pack (4x M8x30mm, 4x T-Nuts)



100% Carbon

The lighter the board, the lower the swing weight and the greater the distance you can cover when pumping. This efficiency also allows you to use smaller foils for higher performance.

Slender modern teardrop shape for tighter carves

The reduced tail area enables minimal rail connection through turns and creates a perfect wave fit so that you can lean in and heel over further without the board touching the water and slowing down. The rounded nose and pulled-in tail provide enough width for an offset turning stance.

Balanced volume distribution

We’ve positioned the volume under your chest to assist paddling into the waves or through the line-up. We’ve balanced this with volume in the tail where the foil attaches to improve touchdown.

Improved grip when duck-diving

This gives you more grip, making it easier to hold on and balance, giving you added stability and control of your board and foil.

Quick, Easy Take-Offs

Slightly lower nose rocker and longer waterline for easier paddling-in and faster take-offs.

Square Chopped Tail

The chopped tail creates an efficient draf-free transition from displacement mode to planing mode, with the reduced length behind the mast enabling greater freedom.




Additional information

Foil Board Volume

25 Liters, 30 Liters


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