Complete Repair Kite by Airtime for Traveling or DIY

Complete Repair Kite by Airtime for Traveling or DIY


The DIY kite repair kit that has what you need to fix your kite yourself. Be prepared to fix almost any problem your kite may develop with this professionally assembled repair kit.

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We have assembled only the finest name brand components at an economical price. We don't see the need to private label common items just to charge you more. Instead we keep it simple and pass the savings directly on to you.

This kite repair kit can't duplicate the results of a professional sewn repair but is a good option for those that aren't worried about resale value, are fixing a kite that is at the end of its life, or can't access a professional kite repair facility. Regardless of the claims made by other kite repair kit providers, a DIY repair with fiberglass tape and glue will always look like a self fix, won't be as strong as a sewn repair, and can affect the performance of the kite by adding weight and affecting the stretch of the canopy.

The backbone of the repair kit is the Seam Grip glue famous in the outdoor community for its incredible strength and flexibility. The Seam Grip glue not only works wonders seaming kite fabric back together but also works to reattach failing valves. This versatile glue allows us to offer you a simple kit that will take care of almost any repair need you may have.

The kit comes in a quality 6" x 6" x 2.5" box with a watertight seal and locking lid
20' of fiberglass tape (compare to KiteFix FiberFix)
1 oz tube of Seam Grip glue (compare to KiteFix GluFix Adhesive)
5" stainless steel scissors
10' of Dacron repair tape (5' white, 5' black)
Bladder patch kit with a 5 3/4"x3" Tear-Aid adhesive patch
1 roll of masking tape
1 Sharpie marker
Plastic spreader card
99% alcohol swabs
5 zip ties
Detailed instructions
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Airtime makes replacement valves, bladders, dacron tapes, ripstop and handles kite repair. Check out their complete kite repair kits which are perfect for traveling and do it yourself. n 1986 AIRTIME was founded as a specialty outerwear manufacturer in Hood River, Oregon. The high end clothing was built for ski patrol, firemen, EMS, and the private individual looking for the very best in customizable outerwear. In the summer of 2000 kiteboarding established itself as a legitimate sport in Hood River with an exposition at the Gorge Games. The sport was now larger than just a few pioneers and a number of distributors decided that the Gorge was the place to set up shop. With all kite manufacturing taking place overseas it was necessary to have a local manufacturing facility that could provide warranty repairs and alterations to rectify manufacturing flaws. No one was in a better position to fill this role than AIRTIME. The summer of 2001 saw AIRTIME expand to become a full fledged kite repair facility with warranty contracts and a growing list of wholesale clients. In 2002 AIRTIME filled a void in the market and introduced their own line of aftermarket bladders. Quickly, AIRTIME was recognized as the leading aftermarket bladder provider. Brogan Houtz - circa 2000 In 2003 the kite portion of the business had grown so much that it was necessary to divide the business and form AIRTIME kite, Inc. This adjustment enabled AIRTIME kite to focus solely on the kite industry and the products and services that kiters wanted and needed. Today AIRTIME kite is recognized as the premier provider of kite repair and the world leader in aftermarket bladders. AIRTIME kite now has 3 repair facilities and distributors scattered across the globe. Though it has grown, AIRTIME kite continues to be a family run business with the goal of providing the very best services and products at a competitive price. We look forward to sharing our love of the sport with you as we provide for your kite repair needs. AIRTIME kite, Inc. Professional kite repair