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$1,349.00 $1,099.00


  • Mast: 24 1/2″
  • Front Wing: 24″
  • Stabilizer: 16″
  • Fuselage: 24.5″
  • Weight: full set, 6.8 pounds

The Kai model comes with the KAI tail wing.
The Kai set up is optimum for:

Only 1 left in stock

GoFoil Kai 120 Set Complete

The original surf wing design that started the revolution! The Kai 120 provides the highest performance wing for surfing and aggressive turning. It is the go-to for prone surf foiling in all conditions & SUP foiling in medium to large waves. This all-around wing setup is designed for riders up to 210 lbs and can be used with SUP, surfboards, wakefoiling and kiting in light winds.

This unit has a small blem in the paint. This won't affect much. It's still a brand new product.

Buy Valium New Zealand