Lift High Aspect (HA) Front Wing


Lift High Aspect (HA) Front Wing


Our high aspect wings are designed to increase glide ratio which essentially improves the riders ability to pump the foil and connect multiple rides in one. Being a Lift , we don’t compromise on performance. Our wing sections are fine tuned for minimal drag and our construction is stout.  Pictures show front and back assembly. This item includes the wing front only — back, mast and board sold separately.

Frequently Bought Together

Lift Foils 25 Glide Tail Wing

Our smallest and fastest wing

Pairs well with the 60S, 100S, 150S and all HA wings


high Aspect wing -120 Front (HA120)

  • Ideal for 1’ to 10’ faces, this is a wing for serious foilers
  • Pump out at blazing speeds and high efficiency
  • Excellent turning for surfing and sailing
  • Built with a specialty premium carbon fiber for ultimate rigidity at a small size.
  • This is a specialty wing for those that like to push the limits and you will be delighted to find that it has it all, whether surfing or sailing! Fun fact; this wing is built with a specialty premium carbon fiber for ultimate rigidity at a small size. If you’re new to foiling, set this one in your sights for later, this wing definitely takes some getting used to and after a few sessions, you start to unlock the potential of this amazing ride. If you know what you’re doing and you want the hottest new toy on the market, you found it.


170 Square inches of surface area. 37” wing span. Built for speed and efficiency. Your friends won’t be able to catch you as you race down the lineup.


200 Square Inches of surface area. 37” wing span. This is middle ground for float without too much drag so you can keep up your speed as you connect every wave available.


250 Square Inches of surface are. 37” Wing Span. This wing has all the surface are you need to fly in whatever, wherever. Lift is not a problem so long as your legs can keep up.


All wings come with a protective transportation case.

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