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Octopus Hobgood – Hybrid Grip

12.2″ x 11.9″

Two-piece Hybrid Grip with welded seams

No arch / 50º tail kick / 25mm tall

Only 1 left in stock

Name Range Discount
Price discount 1 - 50 10 %

These Ocotpus pads have been a favorite for kiteboarding and foiling due to their soft feel that doesn’t wear out your feet or rub you raw! Make sure you check out the front pads as well to replace that wax!

Octopus Hobgood Hybrid Traction Pad

Slightly wider outline for boards with wider tail blocks

Welded Corduroy Grip™ to Octo Groove improves board feel for better foot placement.

Upper Corduroy Grip™ reduces knee rash for summer days

Check out the Octopus Cheapest Zolpidem Online Uk deck pads we have in store!

Buy Valium Bulk Uk


A California based company specializing in surf traction pads, corduroy grip, and accessories.