RS Pro Front Cork Deck Pad Grip

RS Pro Front Cork Deck Pad Grip


What would happen if Front Deck Grip and HexaTraction™ had babies? Welcome to Front Deck Grip Hexa. The sustainability and board feeling of a thin cork pad with the broader application possibilities of the HexaTraction™ hexagonal pieces.

RSPro HexaTraction™ is super thin (1mm) cork material that reduces the height and cushions your feet delivering a superior board feel. The cork material is formed by honeycomb shaped cells that make it very efficient for impact absorption, heat protection and insulation.

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  • Super thin for a better board feel
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient material
  • Extremely light and non-aggressive to your skin
  • No melting, no hassle, no residues, no contamination
  • Easy to install modular configuration
  • Works on all kinds of boards (epoxy, PU, wood and foam)
  • Shape match with HexaTraction completing a full wax free board
  • Cork honeycomb shaped cells with excellent impact absorption and heat protection properties
  • Doesn’t absorb water
  • Designed and manufactured in Barcelona
1 kit (box) is composed of 12 full hexagons and 3 half hexagons 6.3″ wide and 1mm thick and a star shaped installation template
Net weight: 185 grams (6.5 ounces)
Care and maintenance instructions included
Identical shape of HexaTraction for a perfect match
Identical shape angles with Front Deck Grip for a perfect match
Get it together with HexaTraction Half Pack (R-W-K) for a #waxlesssurfboard
Cork Pad Installation:
  1. Throughly clean the board deck with alcohol or similar. Make sure no rest of wax is present. Avoid industrial cleaners.
  2. Before starting, arrange traction layout. PRO TIP: We recommend standing next to the board with your stance or lining up and older board to copy the front foot location.
  3. Use the stringer or mark the center of the board with a pencil.
  4. Start with the first central part. Peel off the adhesive backing on one end (we recommend from the top) and start applying without stretching. PRO TIP: One of the properties of the material is that it’s quite elastic, so do not stretch it during installation.
  5. Then side parts ensuring even gaps on each side. Align at the top and try again not to stretch the material to guarantee even lengths. PRO TIP: Use the HexaTraction spacer.
  6. Apply pressure on all the edges.
  7. Wait for some hours and go surf.

    Cork Front Deck Grip Care & Maintenance

    One of the main benefits of the cork Front Deck Grip is to get rid of the wax hassle, so what maintenance? Just a couple of simple care and maintenance recommendations to prolongue its life and keep it attractive and in optimal condition:
    • Rinse with fresh water after each session to keep it clean and free from salt.
    Rinse the cork Front Deck Grip with fresh water after each session
    • If you notice a decrease of grip with time, dip a sponge or rag into warm water with dish soap and wring it out. Use the sponge or rag to gently wash the surface of cork grip. You can also use a hard sponge like Magic Eraser.

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