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Tear Aid Bladder patches seal leaks and small cuts in bladders

In stock

Type A Repair material for kite bladders or canopy. Works like a charm on bladders and great for pin holes on the canopy!


1.  Clean off area to be repaired with an alchohol swab.
2.  Spread out bladder and remove all wrinkles
3.  Place Patch over leak making sure to not allow any wrinkles

How to Repair a Rip in Your Canopy

Does your canopy look like this or worse!? Follow the instructions below. Here’s how to fix it:

canopy rip


1. Use Type A Repair Tear Aid Patches. You can use these for rips in the canopy or tears in your bladder material.

2. Size the squares according to the damge measurements and give plenty of room for the material to take hold.

3. Use precise scissors to round the edges. This prevents peel back in the future and increases the life of the repair.

canopy rip

4. Use rubbing alcohol and a swab to clean the area of application. Then let dry.


1. Make sure you cut a swatch of type A for each side of the canopy. Carefully peel back the sticky paper and apply to the affected area.

2. Be careful not to create any air bubbles. Bubbles will cause potential tears later. Press the type A down to the canopy with fingers and create a firm bond.

canopy rip


canopy rip

1. Repeat the same process on the opposing side of the material.

Your fixed! Now go ride!