NP Origin HC Round

NP Origin HC Round


This watershoe booty will help protect your feet with any water sport. Very comfortable, it will feel like you’re barefoot. 

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Neil Pryde

NeilPryde Ltd. (Pryde Group) is a Hong Kong based Sports Group composed of three key business platforms - manufacturing, distribution and brand management. Neil Pryde makes everything from wet suits to sails and Olympic race boards

Product Features

N-Grip Sole: Neoprene layer for comfort and N-Grip outer sole to give the natural bare-foot feel required for direct contact with the board. 

Heel-Hold Box: Giving support to the heel/ankle area and preventing the boot from rolling on the foot. 

Stabilising binding guards

Flatlock Stiching 


       Apex-Flex neoprene upper:

       Open celled neoprene that is laminated with an abrasion resistant outer jersey and a four-way stretch inner. The Apex Lite core is infused with          more microscopic air bubbles making it stretchier, warmer and lighter than traditional neoprene.


UK EU US Inner Length
4 35 / 36 5 21cm
5 37 6 22cm
6 38 / 39 7 23cm
7 40 8 24cm
8 41 9 25cm
9 42 / 43 10 26cm
10 44 11 27cm
11 45 / 46 12 28cm
12 47 13 29cm
13 48 / 49 14 30cm