Takuma Alloy Aluminum Mast Set 75cm

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Takuma Alloy Aluminum Mast Set 75cm


What’s Included

  • 2022 Reinforced 75cm Aluminum Mast
  • Standard Alloy Fuselage
  • Standard Top Plate
  • Screw Set
  • Travel Case

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Takuma Kujira 980 Carbon (980 Front Wing/178 Back Wing)

Mast sold separately - 

Kujira 980 is designed for riders who need a foil that offers excellent performance in almost all ocean conditions you will encounter.

Performance in all conditions


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Takuma Kujira 1210 Carbon (Front Wing 1210/Back Wing 178)

Unmatched control & stability
The Kujira 1210cm2 front wing is for riders looking for an all-around model with the widest variety of uses and high-performance maneuverability.

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Takuma Kujira 1440 Carbon (Front Wing 1440/Back Wing 220)

Downwind machine

This Kujira 1440 front wing is the ultimate choice for riders in search of non stop glide, an absolute downwind machine.

This front wing generates unparalleled power for a 1440cm2 surface allowing the rider a super early, smooth and easy take-off immediately followed by extraordinary acceleration that is so necessary in downwind.

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Aluminum mast for the Kujira Foil

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