2014 Dakine Maniac Sliding Spreader Bar

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2014 Dakine Maniac Sliding Spreader Bar


2014 Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar

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DaKine’s new Sliding Spreader Bar has a sliding hook that allows freedom of movement. More curvature then the 2013 model with reinforced sewing on the webbing to prevent wear.

Works great with most dakine harnesses. To make compatiable with any Dakine Harness you may need to add the Dakine Power clip buckles.



  • Sliding hook allows freedom of movement
  • Long travel spreader bar
  • Sliding hammerhead hook
  • Replaceable, adjustable 1 3/4″ [ 145mm ] heavy duty webbing
  • Ergonomic spreader bar pad
  • 2 Power Clip Lock buckles required


4605170 12″ [ 30cm ] Travel= 10″[ 25cm ]
4605171 10″  Travel= 8″

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