Axis Limited 138cm Complete with Pads/Straps

Axis Limited 138cm Complete with Pads/Straps



Size: 138

Kiteboard comes with:

  • 50mm Fins
  • Board Handle
  • Traction+ Pads & Straps

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2015 Axis Limited 138 Complete

Sleek, sharp, sophisticated, powerful, responsive, and precise. We have combined these characteristics into our flagship freestyle board, the 2015 AXIS Limited.

The 2015 AXIS Limited is all about performance. The care, precision, and knowledge used to design this board are apparent when riding.

We can’t tell you the magic formula of the Limited composition, but we can tell you we have the perfect combination of a Paulownia wood core and 100% lightweight carbon fiber on top and bottom, to give the most responsive board in our range.

Excelling with pads/straps or boots the Limited is our highest performance kiteboard.