2016 Nobile NHP Split

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2016 Nobile NHP Split



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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 58 × 18 in

Includes: 2016 Nobile NHP Split Board, Matching Pads, Fins, Handle, Hardware & Travel Bag

Nobile Says…

Style: freeride, freestyle

* super pop
* maximum comfort
* multitask machine for travelling

FLEX (1-10): 7
ROCKER LINE: Hydrodynamic

Anybody who tries travelling with a splitboard will be instantly converted. The removal of any hassle during long kitesurfing journeys as well as the other advantages in everyday use are guaranteed to instantly convert you. But the most important thing is what this board does on the water – after assembling, it’s 100% NHP but with slightly enhanced flex. The level of technological advance will definitely surprise you. And Nobile’s innovations in this area have been leading the way for more than ten years!

* High rocker guarantees comfort on chop and exceptional board agility
* Double concave enables hard edging and keeps you on track
* Top-quality glass fibres pressed in APS technology, combined with the wooden core, guarantees incredible pop and fantastic endurance
* Second generation W-connection – durable and precise


Location: Torres Detroit and Banks Islands (Australia). Design: The graphics represent the Banks Islands. Together with Torres Islands on the north-west they constitute one of the northernmost archipelago of Pacific islands. A shoreline crosses the middle of the board to emphasize its separation ability.

A Note from Us!

Don’t be afraid of the large price tag on this board. Yes it is expensive however, you can pack this board down into half the size of a normal twin tip. When it comes to traveling with your Split board, you can cut corners on cost. This board pays for itself if you travel! Also, do not fret over the performance of a board that splits in half. Nobile has gone through extensive R&D to make their split boards really perform like one piece twin tips…that is why they are so pricey. You really get what you pay for here.