2019 Black Friday Cabrinha Holiday Sale (Drifter, FX and Moto)

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2019 Black Friday Cabrinha Holiday Sale (Drifter, FX and Moto)


Black Friday Holiday Cabrinha Sale!

Special Pricing on Drifters, FXs and Moto Kites. Choose Size and Kite Style.

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This is a limited time Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Sale run through Cabrinha. Stock is not guaranteed but we will put these orders in as soon as they are processed to try and assure fulfillment. Please specify your color preference in the notes at check out if you have one. If we are unable to fulfill the order, we try our best work with you to get you a similar item or issue a refund if it’s not possible.


Versatile Freeride / Crossover DESIGN PROFILE 3 Strut, Moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, Reactive wing tip, Fast, lean and efficient profiles RIDER PROFILE For riders who appreciate versatile, predictable kite performance, for any type of riding in a wide range of conditions. The All-New Moto kite from Cabrinha leads us into a new era of performance kitesurfing that smashes all conventional thinking. This versatile Freeride / Crossover kite is light to the touch and provides a precise and linear power delivery. The lighter weight and quick response is made possible with its 3-strut hybrid plan form. The Moto performs its best in challenging wind conditions. Generous depower tames the gustiest winds and widens its wind range considerably. The Moto’s fast turning speed not only puts this kite into a performance category of its own, it enhances the kite’s amazing versatility. The Moto kite is a triple threat. It excels in three of the most exciting disciplines the sport has to offer… Freeride, Freesurf, and Foilboarding. FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • New design for 2019
  • No pulley bridle for a more direct steering input and feedback
  • Pure Profile Panels
  • High Tenacity D acron for enhanced arc stability
  • Pure Arc Segments – Increased LE segments for smooth high definition aerodynamic arc
  • Most versatile kite in the range
  • Great for freeride, surf, freestyle and foiling
  • Light bar pressure and fast steering
  • 3-strut lightweight design
  • Great re-launch
  • Increased canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas


Freestyle / Crossover DESIGN PROFILE 3 Strut, Modified C shape arc, Wide wing tip, Moderate aspect ratio design, Freestyle profile, 2 bridle setting options RIDER PROFILE For riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love jumping big and kiteloops. The world of Freestyle / Crossover kiting has evolved into an exciting genre in our sport. Once a very narrow and technical discipline is now a mix of technical tricks and massive aerial maneuvers, both hooked-in and unhooked. For this you need a kite with the sensitivity and ‘slack’ when unhooked and the ability to boost a massive hooked-in kite loop. The FX delivers on these two fronts and more with the power and handling to take your riding seriously. Features
  • New Freestyle / Freeride bridle design for 2019
  • Three LE bridle performance options
  • No pulley bridle, for a more direct steering input and feedback
  • Pure Profile Panels
  • High Tenacity dacron for enhanced arc stability
  • Explosive pop and hangtime
  • Incredibly quick and nimble handling
  • Excellent line slack for unhooked riding
  • Forward pull and quick recovery for kiteloops
  • Excellent for vertical boosts and hang time
  • Smooth power delivery and excellent depower
  • More drive than a traditional C-shaped kite
  • Predictable handling
  • Good upwind performance
  • Increased canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas


Surf / Freestyle Surf / Foil DESIGN PROFILE 3-strut, Moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, Surf/drift wing tip design, 2 bridle setting options RIDER PROFILE Specifically designed for kitesurfing in waves, strapless surf freestyle, and freeride foilboarding One of the most interesting things about the Drifter is its ability to engage and disengage its power on command. While catching a wave you want all the power you need but while surfing, you often want the kite to completely disappear while you surf on your own power. It’s in this moment of pure surfing where you want a kite that ‘drifts’ down the line with you in a stable and predictable way. We dubbed this phenomenon Drift Stability and it is the crucial ingredient in a performance surf kite. This is why the Drifter has no equal. These same great design features make the Drifter a formidable freeride kite for foiling.  With its unmatched stability, the Drifter makes best use of foiling on newer large format hydrofoil wings matched up in either really light winds, or together with a much smaller kite in medium and high winds.  The Drifter’s unique feel in the rider’s hands allows precision control while maneuvering the foilboard and taking advantage of the energy from the water, not just the wind. FEATURES
  • Pure Profile Panels
  • High Tenacity Dacron for enhanced arc stability
  • Refined profiles, arc and outline for superior power delivery
  • Light bar pressure with direct and responsive steering
  • Great “pop” for strapless freestyle tricks
  • Best slack line drift on the market
  • Excellent for surf freestyle
  • Compact and stable for foiling
  • Exclusive onshore and offshore tuning options
  • Quick power and depower response
  • Unrivaled steering while depowered
  • Amazing relaunch
  • Quick kite acceleration and deceleration
  • Increased canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas

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