2020 Naish Hero 140cm Kiteboard

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2020 Naish Hero 140cm Kiteboard

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All-Around Freeride Twin Tip

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2020 Naish Hero 140

The Hero is designed to take riders from their first reaches and beyond in this user-friendly freeride board. Not easily outgrown—nor is it only for beginners—the high flex Hero provides a smooth, forgiving ride and on demand control that even the most experienced kiters love. This brand new shape features poured TPU rails for seamless rail construction and heightened durability. Centered inserts also extend the life of the board, allowing kiters easily transition between rails and distribute wear. Featuring the same all-around rocker as our popular Motion twin tip, the Hero is easy to ride in all conditions. Strategically placed impact reinforcement zones help diffuse impact throughout the board, providing maximum durability as skills grow with time. Whether just learning, growing, or cruising, the Hero is the easy, all-around board designed to keep the experience fun.
  • Centered Inserts
  • High Flex
  • Freeride Rocker
  • Torsion Laminate
  • Tapered Rails
  • New Corners
Package Includes
  • Board
  • Handle
  • Fin Set
  • Strap Kit Sold Separately

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