2020 Slingshot Simulator 5’6″ Softop Foilboard


2020 Slingshot Simulator 5’6″ Softop Foilboard

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Package includes: Board, pedestal mounting hardware

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2020 Slingshot Simulator New features

The much loved Simulator now offers a softer deck pad and leash plugs! This board also works decent as a prone surf foil.

2020 Slingshot Simulator 5’6″ Foilboard

A larger, friendlier soft top, designed to make your journey into foiling as approachable and painless as possible. Use it as a learning or teaching tool, your forever board if you’re just a casual foiler or as a crossover setup in the surf or behind the boat.
+ NEW Cushy corduroy deck pad covers entire deck and rails
+ NEW Leash plug allows for crossover f rom kite board to surf board
+ Larger, more buoyancy great for user-friendly progression
+ Great crossover for surf and wake foiling
+ Hard board with soft wrap, NOT a spongy foam board
+ Ideal teaching tool for spouse, kids, friends, etc

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