2020 Slingshot WF-1 Wakesurf Foilboard


2020 Slingshot WF-1 Wakesurf Foilboard

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Package includes: 4’6″ WF-1 Board, 2 FCS Fins, Track Mounting Hardware

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Hover Glide FWake V4 Foil

Learn / Tow / Progression
A stable and user-friendly setup designed to make the entry into foiling as quick and easy as possible. Fitted with our Gamma 68 wing and a 61cm mast, the FWake package is ideal for riders who are learning to foil.

Package Includes: Hover Glide FWake V4 Foil, 62 cm (24") mast, Gamma 68 Front Wing, 42cm Rear Wing, Neoprene Wing Covers, Complete Foil Carrying Case

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WF-1 Board Tech Features

2020 WF-1 Wakesurf and Foilboard 4’6

Developed and updated for the evolving ambitions of the advanced surf foiler. A shorter more compact board design help surfers pump farther than ever before. This board rises off the water early and is capable of surfing 5-6 waves back behind any proper wakesurfing boat. In case you decide to come back down f rom the heavens above, the foil is also remove-able and transforms the board into a ripping twin fin wakesurfer as well.
The NEWLY DESIGNED WF1 easily takes riders f rom wakesurfing, to “wakesurfing 2.0” in a matter of a few short sessions. Unlock your surfing potential on every wave and turn any body of water into a sheet of glass – That’s the power of the W-F1.
Wake Foil Tech Details
FCS II FIn Boxes (Fins Included)
Trusted by the world’s best surfers, FCS II fin boxes allow riders to add fins to the board in a matter of seconds to switch f rom Foiling to traditional wakesurfing in a matter of seconds (foil detached)
EVA Deck Pad
Smooth to the touch and GRIPPY WHEN WET, our new EVA deck-pads are not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it.
Foil Mount Track for Customizing Lift Intensity
The foil mount track allows the rider to adjust the amount of lift they receive from the foil. Slide the foil all the way back for less lift or riding at higher speeds. Slide it all the way forward for the most lift / riding at slower speeds.
Fast Rocker Line for Wakesurfing Without the Foil
The key to success when it comes to wakesurfing (foil detached)
Classic Twin Fin
With the foil removed, install FCS II fins and enjoy the freedom of a twin fin surf setup for ripping the endless wave!
Fits in the Board Rack
Store your foil with ease using most all modern day wakeboard and surf racks with the foil attached.

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