2023 Cabrinha Mantis Apex Series Wing

2023 Cabrinha Mantis Apex Series Wing


**Black Friday Deal** – Get the Cabrinha H Series 1200 whole foil kit for ONLY $499 when you combine your purchase with a 2023 Cabrinha Wing!!!


Visibility, High Pressure leading edge Inflatable Dihedral with a medium aspect ration outline, efficient profile and ultra lightweight design.

2021 Cabrinha H Series 1200 Complete Foil Set

Get this whole foil kit for ONLY $499 when you combine your purchase with a 2023 Cabrinha Wing or Kite!!! In our 2023 Cabrinha Wing postings you will find this foil kit as a discounted add-on. Find the Mantis and the Mantis Apex here!

What is included?

2021 H Series 1200 Front Wing

2021 H Series Rear Stabilizer HS180

2021 Fusion Alloy Mast 70cm with Helicoil

2021 Fusion Hybrid Socket Plate Mount



The Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. Not only does the wing perform amazingly in waves, on ocean downwinders, but it’s also proved itself to excel on the racecourse or on the lakes and flat water venues. The Mantis Apex series takes the performance to a whole new level through the introduction of the Ultra HP frame material. Aside from a 22% weight saving in frame material, the big benefit comes from the ability to hold higher pressures, allowing us to reduce the LE diameter while maintaining stiffness. This leads to a leaner profile and a higher performing product.
  • NEW: Refined lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and reactive performance
  • NEW: Ultra HP LE high pressure LE – for superior speed, low drag and reactive frame
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
  • NEW: Sprint 30
  • NEW: Durable TPU bumpers
  • NEW: Handles – Fully moulded composite widespan handles
  • Hi-vis, Weather resistant, low elongation TPU window
  • Load path panel layout
  • High reactive front handle
  • High rigidity centre section stitching design
  • Lightweight TPU bladders
  • NEW: fine tuned size progressive wing tip twist for forgiving sheeting
  • NEW: Increased convex dihedral for power-to-stability ratio
  • NEW: Lean airfoil centre section for efficiency and upwind performance
  • NEW: Convex strut for added rigidity
  • NEW: Dump valve for fast deflate

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