Beginner Wing Foil Package Deal


Beginner Wing Foil Package Deal

Naish S26 Wing Surfer

Drive, Balance, Stability

*Color Design may vary!

2023 North Seek Wing Foilboard

Item Includes: Arrow icon Board, DropBox Screw Pack (4x M8x30mm, 4x T-Nuts)

4'4 - 38L

4'6 - 48L

4'8 - 58L

4'10 - 78L

5'1 - 98L

5'5 - 118L

5'11 - 138L

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Slingshot Hover Glide FWing V1

As the sport of wing-foiling advances we see wind minimums dropping and it’s getting easier to connect swells while luffing the wing. The FWING V1 package is designed to help you progress quickly. Equipped with the massive Infinity 99 wing, boasting 2,371 square centimetres of surface area, it has the lowest takeoff and stall speed in the Slingshot range. The 99cm wingspan provides unmatched rail-to-rail stability and makes getting up on foil easier than ever. Combined with the large 48cm rear stabilizer the ability to pump and glide with this combo is otherworldly.

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North Kite Pump

Double Action 2.3L or 2.9L

Armstrong Waist or Ankle Coil SUP/Wing Leash

Waist leashes are perfect for Wing Foiling - keeping the arms free to Fly. SUP racing is drag free and downwind or small wave foiling as there is no water drag and it's very easy to get on and off with the new bomber clip. Included for free is a normal ankle strap if you don't always want to wear the waist strap.

This product is currently unavailable.
This package is great for the beginner to intermediate Winger! Learning with a higher volume board and easy large foil like this makes the sport accessible to everyone! Choose a wing size for your local conditions. Choose larger wing sizes for lower wind areas and vice versa. 


2022/2023 North Seek 118L Wing Board

Let the Seek wing-foil board take you places you’ve never been. Upwind, downwind, ocean roller or lake. From your first session to boosting, carving and pumping like a boss.

Engineered for an intuitive and direct connection to your hydrofoil, the Seek has a stiff and responsive, lightweight and durable Hybrid Carbon construction with a PVC-reinforced EPS core.

The 2022/3 Seek is balanced for a cleaner release and a more comfortable stance. Its longer waterline improves speed and acceleration. We’ve rearranged the volume distribution in the board for excellent stability on takeoff and touchdown, where every movement counts. And increased nose rocker improves the wave-fit and enables easier lift up onto the foil. Early takeoffs. Effortless touchdown recovery. Easy gybes and tacks.

Wait, did you say jump? We say, how high? With updated volumes for each board length, you can now ride a full size shorter.


  • NEW longer waterline improves speed and acceleration
  • Deeper recessed single concave deck
  • Repositioned Free-V and Free Foil Strap Inserts
  • Compact outline with increased nose rocker
  • Steeper bevelled rails
  • Touchdown recovery
  • Hybrid Carbon Technology
  • Integrated PVC structural stringer system
  • DropBox Fast Foil Mounting Track
  • GORE™ waterproof 2-way vent
  • Corduroy Deck Grip with tactile and visual stance reference
  • Integrated underside carry handle


99cm Front Wing | SKU 121745001


+ Enjoy ultra-low-speed takeoffs with unmatched stability and glide thanks to the massive Infinity 99 f ront wing.

+ 71cm aluminum mast keeps your wing in the power of the swell while providing ample flight range.

+ The Shift Fuse gives you the flexibility to connect the mast to the fuselage in 2 different positions depending on rider preference.

+ Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components you’ll never outgrow.

+ Large 48cm rear wing provides stability and leverage for pumping.

+ Neoprene wing covers and fleece lined travel bag keep your gear organized and protected.

Package includes: 71cm (28”) mast, pedestal, shift fuselage, Infinity 99 f ront wing, 48cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, travel bag


1. Carbon Composite Wing Construction: Stronger and more efficient.
This construction benefits you on and off the water.
2. 28” Aircraft Grade Aluminum Mast
3. Safe-T Winglets
4. Four-bolt Pedestal Mount
5. Neoprene Wing Covers & Travel Bag
6. 48cm Rear Stabilizer Wing
7. Infinity 99cm Front Wing
8. Shift Fuse

Additional information

Naish S26 Wing Surfer

Wing Surfer Size


2023 North Seek Wing Foilboard

Foil Board Volume

38 Liters, 48 Liters, 58 Liters, 78 Liters, 98 Liters, 118 Liters, 138 Liters

North Kite Pump


Medium (2.3L)


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