Takuma TK Carbon Prone Foiling Board

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Takuma TK Carbon Prone Foiling Board

TK40L : 4’4’’x 19 5/16 x 4 1/16 40 L
TK45L : 4’6’’x 20 1/4 x 4 1/4 45 L

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These boards excel most in surf, wing, and wake foiling. The new volumes’ distribution on the board promotes much faster take-off and enhance stability. Even underwater you will find a better balance. The double concave creates a channel that increase the water flow and give a better take-off. The curved deck lowered at front to lower your front foot (comfort in riding) , curved in all the way to the back, creates an integrated natural kick for your back foot. This fitment insures to lower your front foot for control, acceleration and balance. The front part of this curved deck also allows to positioned your chest and to push as you paddle in the waves.

Performance features :

· Double concave bottom minimises water drag facilitating earlier take-off · Takuma quick tail for better water flow allowing earlier release and take-off · The hover and thrust Nose: this new concept in board nose design provides exceptional overall board balance and touch down release. · Takuma “G” Deck: the Gravity deck gives the rider with better connection to the foil allowing greater glide and comfort in flight with more control and balance through maneuvers. · Clean straight outline: better rigidity and responsiveness for quicker rebound from touch-downs . · Multi position footstraps.

Construction :

Brushed carbon • 40/45 · Full carbon · PVC reinforcement · Universal hydrofoil mounting system · Gravity deck

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