Dakine Option Spreader Bar

Dakine Option Spreader Bar

$76.00 $72.00

Option is the right name for this spreader bar.  As versatile as it gets.


What We Think:

The Option can truly revolutionize your new or existing harness.  This spreader bar combines the best qualities of a fixed pivoting spreader bar and a sliding bar.  When fixed in the center, the hook pivots up when the kite is overhead preventing the bar/pad from rolling up on you.  You could also let the hook slide for more comfort when riding toeside or surfing.  Well thought out construction with easily replaceable parts.


  • Hook lock for sliding or fixed hook options
  • Padded dynamic movement hook
  • Cloud system connection compatible
  • Replaceable double Dyneema rope sliders
  • Long travel spreader bar distributes the pull
  • Ergonomic spreader par pad
  • Power Clip Lock Buckle
  • Marine grade non corrosive stainless steel
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty