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$49.00 $39.99

Flysurfer Forward Line Safety (FLS)  for the SPEED 3 

Only 1 left in stock

One FLS endline for Speed 3 

Sizes vary depending on kite size. You can use the 21m for smaller kites but can’t use the smaller ones for bigger kites.


With the FLS, the kite can flag out on one of the front lines of the kite. The remaining pull is extremely low and it is possible to restart the kite.Despite the FLS, it is extremely important never to leave the normal wind area. The FLS acts as an extension and trys to keep your kite from flying away when separated, to insure the safety of other persons in the area. Damage to the kite can occur when flown outside of the normal wind area.

Generic Ambien Cost Without Insurance


Flysurfer Kiteboarding specializes in light wind foil kites such as the Speed 3 deluxe Coloured Edition