GoFoil NL Wings

GoFoil NL Wings

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GoFoil NL Wing 1.5


Gofoil has released their new NL series wings! They are part of their High-Aspect series but built for speed! The NL stands for Next Level which is what these wings will do for you! These series of wings is great for advanced surf and sup riding as well as all levels of wing foiling.

Featuring the new 1.5 series construction with shiny finish the NL series are lighter weight for a more streamlined glide and response.  This new series is compatible with all sizes of the Gofoil Mast and Fuselages. They should not require sanding or addition of material like some of the earlier model GoFoil setups.

Measurements: NL130 -Length 76cm Chord 18.5cm Weight 711g NL160 -Length 91cm Chord 18.5cm Weight 838g NL190 -Length 99cm Chord 18.5cm Weight 876g NL220 -Length 99cm Chord 21.5cm Weight 976g Length= (tip to tip) Chord=(Leading to trailing edge)


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