Lift eFoil Jet Propulsion


Lift eFoil Jet Propulsion

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Designed around Safety, Performance, and Efficiency.

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The innovative Lift Jet is the latest addition to the Lift propulsion lineup and delivers an unparalleled eFoil experience with exceptional versatility no matter where you ride.

The Lift Jet features a fully enclosed impeller for maximum safety and increased efficiency compared to our original shrouded propeller. The design keeps drag to a minimum for improved ride times and a more surf-like ride quality. The Lift Jet also provides smoother, less punchy acceleration, making it more responsive and ideal for beginning riders.

The premium construction offers exceptional durability, and the Lift Jet is compatible with all Lift eFoil models. Plus, installation is intuitive, with all the installation hardware included. With unrivaled power and a sporty ride quality, the Lift Jet is made to help you chart new courses and get the most from every ride. Please note: This product includes just the Lift Jet, propulsion is sold separately.

This design is perfect for all levels of riders offering a smooth, less punchy acceleration creating an easier and safer experience up on foil. The jet is constructed out of premium Fiber Reinforced Polymer and when compared to the original Aluminum Propeller and Shroud, the jet increased rigidity leading to dampened vibrations and an even quieter ride! The end results are an optimized performance and a perfectly balanced, sporty, and surfy ride.


The jet is a fully enclosed impeller offering maximum safety while riding. Less punchy and more steady this is a great tool for teaching and learning to efoil!


Don’t let the extra safety fool you, this jet also offers greater performance than the original propeller shroud system! Made with Premium Fiber Reinforced Polymer material rather than Aluminum like the original propeller this prop system is a major upgrade!


The Jet is designed using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize efficiency offering balanced, sporty, and surfy ride. Without getting too technical, this CFD results in the lowest drag possible!


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